The 21St Century begins the Era of Truth.  For decades public education has been inundated with false principles and concepts concerning Human Origins and the Creation of the Universe. It is obvious and reasonable to conclude that our behavior and how we live is the result of our core beliefs. If you live what is false, your life is meaningless.
       Now is the time to offer your group the Truth as an alternative to secular human philosophy and provide instruction to students who are willing to learn about who they are, where they came from, and where they are going according to God's plan for their life.  We believe our almighty powerful and loving Creator concieved us before He laid the foundations of our planet. Visit our contact page to request a free Intelligent Creation Course with no obligation. You now have an opportunity to learn the truth.

Welcome to the Future of Education!
 Warning: this is not a politically correct website.
  Key Performance Goals
          Provide an opportunity for all students interested in Human Origins to receive the basic knowledge of solid science oriented instruction with respect to Intelligent Creation Evidence. Students of all ages welcome.
     Offer science facts supported by Scripture and common sense concepts that have been used to develop Intelligent Design Theory.  All home school students need to be taught Creation Science to successfully defeat the amoral Molecules To Man Theory. Classes are interactive.
         Report the advantages of dedication to objectivity and doing what is correct according to the scientific method. To explain thoroughly, the moral consequences of ignoring sound scientific methodology. 
         Deliver knowledge and insight on how Social Darwinism has harmed school children who have not been offered the opportunity to become familiar with the Creation message found in The Book of Genesis. Facts supporting Creation Science and Young Earth Theory are verified in the Protestant Bible. Call 575-921-2344 to schedule a class for your students.

"All school age students, public and private, have the inalienable right to hear and study Creation Worldview concepts and principles as they relate to the scientific investigation of Human Origins and the beginning of the universe."

             Paul W. Collins, B.Sc., M.A., Dr. Min.  

  A large amount of scientific evidence for          Intelligent Creation has been discovered and   must be taught to all students in the public 
  schools. They should be responsible for 
  learning only genuine science.  We teach 
  Creation Science facts and promote only  
  the scientific method of analysis.

Creation  Science  facts,  Intelligent Design
Theory and Young  Earth  History Evidence 
courses  will  be  taught to every child and
adult  in  every  public,  private, and home
school in Southcentral, NM. We accept the challenge as experts to diligently teach each class. Every student needs to hear the Truth.
Learn about our Born Again Christian clubs     and small support group organizations that   teach  individual  spiritual  leadership  skills. You  can  carry  a message of salvation and offer a sober life  program that works because we obey God's Word in Mathew 10:32-33.
Real recovery begins with the Holy Spirit.
Basic Philosophy
Instruction Plan
  Small Group Specialists
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        Genesis 1:3,4 -  Then God said, "Let there be light," and                                there was light.  And God saw that the light was good.    
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